You May Be A Victim Of Unfair Dismissal

If you have been recently terminated from your place of employment, you may be wondering if you are a victim of an unfair dismissal. To understand whether your employer wrongfully terminated you, you must first understand what a justified termination is. An employer has the legal right to terminate an employee for such violations as attendance policy violations, breaking company policies, misconduct, insubordination, sexual harassment, and drinking or using drugs on the job. If your employer has terminated you for any of those reasons, you will most likely not be eligible for a wrongful termination suit.

At Will Employment

Many employers currently hire their employees with an understanding of on will employment. At will employer means that the employee may resign at any time that he or she sees fit. At will employment also infers that an employer can terminate an employee for any reason at any time. Such an arrangement protects the employers in most cases. However, even with at will employment, an employer may not terminate an employee in some situations. Any person who loses a job under those special circumstances may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the employer. The person may be able to receive monetary compensation and reinstatement of a lost position.

Unfair Dismissal

An employer that terminates an employee due to race, religious beliefs, age or gender could be subject to a lawsuit. An employer who fires someone because he or she utilized medical benefits is also subject to a lawsuit. Additionally, any employer who terminates a pregnant person because of her pregnancy may have to answer for it in a court of law.

To determine whether one’s termination qualifies as an unfair termination, the victimized party must contact an employment advocate like and schedule a consultation. During the consultation, the parties will discuss the events that lead to the termination. The person should keep all documentation, recordings, emails and other information handy to give to the attorney. If the person can prove that the employer fired him or her while that person was under a protect class, the employer will lose the suit.

SEO Advice For Beginners

People who are just starting out in Internet marketing soon learn that there are two important factors essential to running an online business: a professional-looking website and traffic. Building a website is easy because there are many talented web developers out there. However, traffic is not as easy to generate. This is where SEO advice becomes very crucial.

What is SEO?

Basically, search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of a website within the search engines for specific queries or keywords. Understand that search engine giants like Google and Yahoo rely on specific words on your web pages to determine ranking. If your web page appears on the first page of the SERPs when people search for relevant keywords, you are more likely to generate free traffic.

There are two main elements required to optimize your web pages. The first is called on-page optimization and it refers to anything you do on your web pages to improve rankings. The second is off-page optimization, which involves other techniques done outside your website to increase rankings.

On-page Techniques

The first thing you need to have on your web pages is quality content. This means that everything that you publish on your site should be unique, relevant and useful. Remember that Internet users are looking for specific information they need, and Google’s algorithm is designed to provide them relevant content. This is the best SEO advice that you should never ignore. Always create content for the user and not for the search engines.

There are also technical aspects of on-page optimization. For instance, use your main keyword in the title of the webpage, at least once in the first paragraph, and once in the last paragraph. Do not overuse keywords, though. Stick to a keyword density of around 1-4%. If possible, use the exact or variations of the main keyword in the subheadings as well.

Off-page Techniques

Search engines also assess the relevancy of web pages according to how popular they are to other Internet users. This is where backlinking becomes vital. Every link coming from other websites pointing to your site can increase your website’s rankings.

Good SEO advice is to never create unnatural links that may get you banned from the search results. As much as possible, do not use software that creates link spam. If you are starting out, use natural linking methods like guest blogging. If you want people to naturally link back to your site, publish interesting, attention-grabbing, funny or informational content and share it on the social networks and bookmarking sites. can help you with all your SEO efforts.

Bear in mind that the best SEO advice is to publish useful and relevant content. Even if your website is new, you have a better chance of ranking high on the SERPs with this strategy. In addition, build quality links and avoid creating linkspam.

Web Design Planning

When designing or redesigning a website the most important part of the project happens prior to any graphics or code are developed Bliss Digital provide the following information to help you:.

Start by identifying the main goals of your site. Are you using it to sell your products or services? Possibly it’s intended simply to advertise your offline company, offer support to your existing customers or build your company brand. Whatever the goals are, clearly specifying them ahead of time will better guide you in the actual creation procedure.

Next, keep in mind that impressions imply everything. Your website design should be expert and portray the right image for your company. A lot of internet internet users choose within seconds of reaching your major page if they will browse deeper into your site or click away to another. Studies have shown that this choice is normally made based upon the appeal of the design as opposed to the text copy. This indicates that your website design has to grab their attention and persuade them that you’re providing something of value quickly.

Chances are you’re not a graphic designer or web coding guru, so how can you establish an expert design? We get asked this question a lot by prospective clients at Bliss Web Design, particularly from owners of home-based or new small businesses.

You generally have 2 choices, employ an expert designer or firm to develop your website or buy a website design template. Design templates are pre-made designs that permit you to simply include your text and product graphics. Design templates have the benefit of being able to go live with your website rapidly and normally for a very reduced expense, however they likewise have the drawback of being seen on many websites, so you won’t stand out from the crowd.

Regardless, keep in mind that your website design is exactly what most online visitors to your site are going to evaluate your company on, regardless of your industry, so it must be as expert as possible.

Taming Clients though Promotional Advertising

If a business firm is able to manage the minds of million of consumers, it will make billions as revenue. It is impossible to do that. Using some marketing strategies, the mind of the consumer can be tamed by affecting their choice making power. They can be provided with product, which can be encouraging and convincing. There is no magic involved in this; only the psychology of the human mind is to be studied and enjoyed with. Human mind responds to various circumstances in different methods. Some vital psychological aspects can be researched in Promotional Items to get frustrating consumer response.

Curiosity is the wish to check out the unknown. Humans are constantly in pursuit of understanding. They wish to know more than exactly what others understand. Keys are merely difficult to be kept. This desire can function as an attractive force in marketing. Like consumer won’t be that interested if they are told that they can be offered with successful diets. Rather they wish to hear the trick of the diet strategy which is being offered.

The info should not be let out quickly. Undoubtedly it is very important to catch the attention of the consumer by interesting heading, but the content, too, ought to be as fascinating so as to maintain the interest of the reader till the end. In case of cross-titles or sub-titles, the initial ones will always have the advantage of developing even more interest than the following sub-titles.

If the content speaks about why the consumer ought to select so and so company or item, it will be easier for them to relate to it. Consumers are smart adequate to think that the company desires to get rid of the old stuff. Instead if the customers are provided with a discount or a restricted time offer, a credible reason, they will be more drawn in.

Customers are greedy from an advertising and marketing point of view. By comprehending the requirement of the customer, a basis can be gotten ready for the material. Their greed needs to be taken into consideration while preparing the material. They must be shown how the item or company would benefit them. They want to purchase advantages in the form of items. Expect when advertising for a video camera, state that it displays all the colors that can be seen with naked eye, instead of stating it supports 16-bit color.

This certainly will increase the customer interest. The benefits ought to be plainly discussed to the client and later on various other information about the product can be gone over, in case if they are looking for more. Each function can have more than one perk, depending on different situations and client demands.

Web Design Planning

internetWhen designing a website the most important part of the project happens prior to any graphics or code are created.

Begin by figuring out the primary goals of your site. Are you utilizing it to sell your services or products? Possibly it’s meant simply to promote your offline business, provide support to your existing consumers or develop your company brand. Whatever the objectives are, plainly specifying them ahead of time will better direct you in the real creation procedure.

Your website design must be expert and represent the right image for your business. Studies have shown that this decision is generally made based on the appeal of the design rather than the text copy.

Chances are you’re not a graphic designer or web coding guru, so how can you develop a professional design? We get asked this question a lot by potential clients at True Agency, particularly from owners of home-based or new small businesses.

You basically have 2 options, hire an expert designer or company to create your site or buy a website template. Design templates are pre-made designs that enable you to just include your text and item graphics. Templates have the advantage of having the ability to go cope with your website quickly and normally for a really low cost, nevertheless they also have the disadvantage of being seen on many websites, so you won’t stick out from the group also.

Regardless, bear in mind that your website design is what most online visitors to your website are going to judge your company on, regardless of your market, so it must be as professional as possible.

Corporate Identity Management

Competition is fantastic in the market world today and in order to get your business noticed, you will require good corporate identity management. You have to bring together all of the good qualities of your company in addition to highlighting exactly what a great advantage your company will be to those who use your services. Excellent corporate identity management will do just that if handled properly. It will offer your company a clear positioning towards your customers and potential clients like your staff, suppliers, authorities, as well as your competitors. By making your business easily identifiable to those who want what your selling, corporate identity management will also play a crucial role in the development and upkeep of your business, and keep it running like a well oiled equipment. In today’s world, we are all bombarded with details, every waking minute. Globalization rises competitors, products are interchangeable, and new products concern the market at an ever much faster rate. Every business is contending for our attention. Selection of a supplier is not solely based on price or accessibility any longer; clients have the luxury to select providers they can relate to. That is why your company will require an edge of some kind so that when people decide they require the service that you’re offering, either your logo, or an amusing saying, will automatically pop into the customers head, in turn, they will seek you out. Nevertheless, your company image is not the only thing that will get you discovered. How the press and marketers view your company will rub off on the general public likewise, so you will always need to stay consistent. To make a good impression, try a corporate christmas hamper.

Consistency is vital in your business world today, unless you wish to loose your business prior to it even gets off the ground, you cannot state something then totally do another. In order to make sure consistency in communication, you may should request help from someone who know what their doing when it concerns corporate identity management. There are many great organizations that can assist you do simply that. They can take your company and produce something that will be distributed all over, no matter what you’re offering. An additional vital facet is that your staff has to have the ability to identity with your company’s corporate identity so they feel comfy with it. From your company’s reception area, to telephone manners, the design of all printed products and Web sites, to public relations, every element of a business has to breathe its Corporate Identification to be credible and distinguishable. Only then will your company have the possibility of being taken seriously in the market, and eventually to be successful. The main idea behind a corporate identification program is every little thing your company does, own, and service it provides, need to forecast a clear concept of exactly what you and your business goals are. A good corporate identity management system works well and keeps the vital things on tract.

Give A Thoughtful And Affordable Gift Basket

Coming up with good gift ideas for friends, family, coworkers, and everyone else in life can be a struggle each year at Christmas. There are so options out there, but pinpointing the perfect present quickly becomes overwhelming because there are so many possibilities. Luckily, a gift basket is the ideal solution. With a gift basket, there is no need to stress over brainstorming and shopping. It is an easy way to create a thoughtful and special present that will please anyone.

giftbasketxmasA gift basket is an affordable option that can work well for a variety of budgets. There are many different items that can go into it, allowing for a customizable gift that has just enough of a personal touch. From gourmet foods, to snacks and candies, to cheeses and wines, to much more, anyone can select a thoughtful and interesting package to give. Sending a gift basket is the simplest way to show clients, coworkers, and employees that they have been remembered at the holidays.

The Christmas season is a busy one for most people, and shopping can become difficult when short on time. Opting to give out gift baskets is a great way to save time and money. Many can be delivered directly to the home or office of an intended recipient. All the gift giver has to do is select the type to send and make the purchase. A delivery service will handle the rest, so gift givers can relax.

When shopping for gifts to give clients or relatives, think about what items most people would enjoy receiving. With a gift basket, it is easy to shop within a budget and still give a present that has a personal and thoughtful touch to it. Anyone would appreciate receiving something for Christmas that can they can enjoy right away.


Web Development

Hey I really want to get a job in web development like: HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. And I was wondering would you need really good marks in school? And also is it worth learning at home? Or should I just learn at school in my IT classes? Also is it a really hard industry to break into? Any advice would be great. Thanks :D. Basically… Web development is a good career and getting job is not difficult if you are really keen to learn and do good. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, PHP are basic and every web developer must know. Good marks is good but not mandatory if you have good knowledge you can get good jobs; good marks but lack of web development practical knowledge would create problem. It is not very hard industry.


Need help guys. Can anyone explain to me the difference between On Page and Off page SEO? Thanks in advance. :D. And so today I found out that… Onpage SEO is a collection of SEO activities done on each page of your website. Such things as keyword research, keyword optimization, site architecture and link structure analysis, coding audits, and all “internal” SEO activities making your site more crawlable and appealing to users and search engines are in the domain of SEO. Offpage SEO is a set of external optimization techniques that aim to generate more traffic and online sales to your site. That said, article writing, forum posting, link building and social media optimization are considered offpage SEO. Here is the rule of thumb: Do onpage SEO first before doing offpage SEO, or, clean up your home before inviting visitors, and search bots.

Maile Ohye from Google advises your startup as if she had only 10 minutes as your SEO consultant.


Basically I use home internet a lot, but really need internet when I go out, because I get bored without it. So I am going to cancel my home internet, my laptop has wi-fi. I am just worried that I’ll become depressed because smartphone internet has to be budgeted, so I can’t spend hours on it like I do currently. Any thoughts? Anyone have this problem? I can’t keep both, too expensive. Do you know what I found? Keep the home internet. Although smartphone intenet connections are reliable when away, its just not as good as the ones you have at home. I have a broadband (sim) internet and whenever we go out we bring along our portable wifi hotspot so that I could connect to the internet with my smartphone/laptop/etc. Internet on the go. It’s not as fast as cable internet connections but its faster than your average smartphone net connection PLUS I get to have both home and portable internet connections.

“History of the internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The clip was made . . .


Need help guys. Can anyone explain to me the difference between On Page and Off page SEO? Thanks in advance. :D. Essentially — Onpage SEO is a collection of SEO activities done on each page of your website. Such things as keyword research, keyword optimization, site architecture and link structure analysis, coding audits, and all “internal” SEO activities making your site more crawlable and appealing to users and search engines are in the domain of SEO. Offpage SEO is a set of external optimization techniques that aim to generate more traffic and online sales to your site. That said, article writing, forum posting, link building and social media optimization are considered offpage SEO. Here is the rule of thumb: Do onpage SEO first before doing offpage SEO, or, clean up your home before inviting visitors, and search bots.

Maile Ohye from Google advises your startup as if she had only 10 minutes as your SEO consultant.

Web Design

I'm interested in pursuing web design as a career, and I was wondering if you had any websites that list the skills you should try to build it would help me. Also, if any of you out there are web designers, how often do, as it is by action or what? Thanks in advance. You know what I found? Web Design is a good career to go. There are plenty of jobs for people in this field. Here are the main skills you need to focus at first. HTML CSS Javascript-side language (PHP, Ruby, C # ASP. NET) server PHP is the most common and probably the best for beginners. You should also be familiar with the following software too. Photoshop Illustrator decent text editor (Sublime, Textmate) there any good online tutorials to follow. Here is a list of websites that should follow every day. Smashing Magazine (a blog about web design and development and best practices) tutsplus (A blog with tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator and web development) Shay Howe – Learning Web Design (A tutorial on web site design HTML and CSS best practices) would also like to recommend a book called 'Above the Fold. "If you can get your hands on this book this will go over the surface of web design. Explains all areas of Web Design and give you a good understanding of what is actually need to build a website well qualified to respond to the needs of customers. Regarding the amount of a web designer can make it very variable. Started 20 an hour and now I make anywhere 30-40. Yet I'm learning myself and I'm not at the elite level in my area. I also want to add something. If it appears that there is no work or are having trouble finding jobs, then you will need to create jobs works. Many companies do not even have an online presence however, and will be your job to find them and help them take their business to the next level online.

In Episode 1, we look at what web design really is, and review needs. In this series, we cover many aspects of creating content for the web. . .


And so today in school, a classmate told me that "Internet Explorer is the Internet." Is this true? Although, when I was watching "The It Crowd", said the World Wide Web was protected by "The elders of the internet" box. If my classmate is right, does that mean that I can not access the World Wide Web with firefox mozzarella. And so today I learned that … Internet Explorer is a Web browser, a program that is used to access the Internet. Firefox and Google Chrome are other web browsers that you can use

"The history of the Internet" is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The clip was made. . .

Web Development

Is there anyone who can give me tips on how to start a career as a web design / developer. I think I want to pursue this, but I know very little about these things, I just kind of I'll be good at it, pick up things quickly. I wonder what is a good program to start on or should I try a web development certificate and does anyone know of good programs for school / training can I study? I want one that is deep enough for me to understand, but fast enough so you can start working as soon as possible. Will vote best answer. Essentially – Well first of all, the web design and web development are two very different things. When you start out, and is learning HTML and CSS, the lines blur a bit; learns that you can design your pages directly through the code, and they seem to be much the same job. However, when you get beyond page design, you find that what you did was basically web design, with some central aspects of development to it. You will find that to go beyond that, it's mostly programming. . Databases, logic, user input, the output of the server. . And at that level, you can cleanly separate development / programming from design / presentation. To start any of them, learning HTML and CSS. As for which program to use, I recommend Notepad + + editor in Windows (or if you're on Linux, definitely go with Kate, I do not know any publishers Mac of the top of my head, but I know jEdit works in Mac OS X, so I'd say go with that). It's basically like the traditional Bloc notes, but has things like syntax highlighting (the "technical term" color coding for different parts of your code) and auto-indent to make life easier. It may seem impossible to use a plain text editor, but any web developer or designer absolutely need to know how to code HTML and CSS by hand. And that goal, I strongly follow the tutorials (in sequence) in as not only teach you how to code 'correctly' recommend it, but why you should encode properly (makes it easier for you, and do what you have that manage less code). I paraphrase, but I think it was Larry Wall – creator of the Perl programming language – who said that lazy programmers are often the best programmers. Code reuse short code and have not a lot of things is a symbol of skill; having a lot of code recently, and / or have a lot of the same code in several places, it is often the sign of a bad design. Now, once you can make almost any website you want with pure HTML and CSS in a text editor, you have two choices: Designer: Go to Adobe Dreamweaver or free and open source development tool web BlueGriffon ( ). These programs can be designed in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) way, and, of course, know the HTML form works in the background gives it an advantage in the use of these programs, you can easily see if are doing their job properly (often these programs can spit HORRIBLE code, which can then be cleaned.'s why I do not recommend starting with them). Developer: It is likely to stay with a text editor, but you can go to a full IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Eclipse (using the PHP Development Tools plugin, of course). An IDE ends up being a glorified text editor (like Notepad + +), but also find errors in the code and bring them to you; as well as allowing you to step through your code step by step to see where things go wrong. As I have gone down the same road developer, I'll talk a bit more about my own advice here. I recommend learning Javascript after learning HTML and CSS, and Javascript once you learn, learn PHP. PHP is a good language for web development, and while there are a lot of crappy code it is written, and a lot of people who hate him (for good reason, sorta), is primarily due to people trying to use it as if it were a different language. Despite having many of the same control structures, like other languages, is designed to paste together a couple of other technologies: Database (usually MySQL) web server (usually Apache) PHP itself is designed for HTML output . That's all it is designed to do. As a result, any valid HTML file is also a valid PHP file, but you can also put code around the logic that you would likely find in other languages (such as loops, if statements, and so on). As a result, in order to write a decent PHP should already know HTML / CSS well enough, and that is what we will be trying out. However, knowing the programming language is not enough; You should also learn more about how to design their programs properly. As such, you should probably learn some other languages: Python, and Java. Python is another scripting language (like PHP is), it is very easy to learn, and yet is also very powerful. Overall, it is one of the best programming languages out there. While not designed for web development, there are several popular Python web frameworks that use as the primary – or only – programming language; such as Pyramid and Django. Java is also often used in web programming, but it is usually better not to. However, Java forces you to use (more or less) good design and also forced to learn object-oriented programming, to help with how to organize and design programs in other languages. In any case, I wish you luck.


Currently I am preparing for my MBA assignment and I need help. You know what is the term I use for the 'trade' For example: If company A can only buy IBM laptop for their employees, and eturn, IBM should only use a travel agent of the .? Company A for business What is the term for scenerior Up Your name is: "Business to Business Exchange" Thank you for your help From what I can tell …-Business-to-business (?. B2B) is a term commonly used to describe electronic commerce transactions between businesses, as opposed to those between businesses and other groups, such as business and individual consumers (B2C) or business and government (B2G). B2B also is commonly used as an adjective to describe any activity, be it B2B marketing, sales, or e-commerce, that occurs between businesses and other businesses rather than between businesses and consumers. Similar to B2B, B2G is often meant that Marketing B2G concerns.